Gus Trent Horse Ranch

Welcome to The Gus Trent Horse Ranch

Gus Trent Horse Ranch

Welcome to GUS TRENT HORSE ENTERPRISES, LLC where we take pride in showing you the joy and beauty of horses.  Come on out to the GT Ranch and have a life-changing experience on horseback.  We offer a variety of experiences with our horses that are all designed for you to have fun.  Not interested in riding the horses? No problem. Come on out and use our facility for a special  event. Please take a moment to view our site and give us a call at (412) 592-6916 or email us at . We look forward to seeing you out at the Ranch.


Little Girl with horses

We offer the following:

All of our events are customized towards what you would like to do and achieve. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider or perhaps you just want to come out and see the horses, we have it all. If you have never been around horses, no problem. We will do a custom seminar just for you to include:

All seminars are hands-on and you will have the opportunity to handle and interact with a horse.

For more information, please give us a call at 412-592-6916 or email us at and let us show you the joy and beauty of horses. All events are by appointment only.

First Book Released:

Grace, Mercy and Determination Book

I just released my first book entitled:

Grace, Mercy and Determination
The Life Story of Gus Trent a.k.a. Harlan T. Ware

To buy your copy, just click on the Buy Now button below: